100% Custom Through Sublimation

Gorilla Jerseys is here to provide the custom jerseys our customers can only imagine being possible. Through the use of dye-sublimation, we can create any custom jersey or custom piece of apparel that includes the most involved designs our customers desire.

We feel that sublimated jerseys and apparel are the wave of the future as the process allows for unlimited design potential and levels of customization at an affordable price. We welcome you to browse our gallery of completed jerseys and apparel to see for your self what we can do to make your custom jersey and apparel a reality.

In-House Design Team

The most complex step in the sublimation process is the design work that has to be done before the product can be made. Gorilla Jerseys makes its in-house design team available to our customers to help ensure our customers receive the best possible jersey design for their team. Doing so guarantees our customers an opportunity to achieve the design they are wanting, not the design the other guys have in stock.

Our designers are prepared to take your input, which can range from a simple description to an intricate sketch and turn it into the custom jersey or apparel piece you desire. If you have artwork that needs to be incorporated into the design, it is preferred that you send us Adobe Illustrator files or Vector PDFs.

One Design. One Price.

At Gorilla Jerseys, we understand that creating custom jerseys and apparel can be a tedious process that sometimes can be overwhelming with the different options and costs associated with each level of customization. So we threw the traditional process out the window and made our products all-inclusive. That means you can have unlimited design elements in your jersey all for one low price. This includes any team logos or names, patches, player names, numbers, corporate sponsors, colors and any other design elements you wish to be incorporated into the jersey.

We do want to remind you that things can get carried away with our all-inclusive policy, so try to remember that you want the jersey to look its best as well.




Get In Touch With Us

Our process begins with you reaching out and telling us what type of jersey you are looking to order. You can do this on the form below, or on any of our individual sport pages. Gorilla Jerseys does require a 50% down payment on all orders to begin production. The remaining 50% is due prior to shipping of your order.

Design Begins

We have an in-house design team ready to take your ideas or concepts and make them a reality. Your input on the design can be as simple as a few sentences or a concept sketched onto a piece of paper. With Gorilla Jerseys, we provide unlimited design elements all for the same price. Our standard jersey design fee is $75. The design fee is paid upfront and once processed we will begin working on your custom jersey design.

Artwork Approval

The design process is usually completed within 24-72 hours after receiving your design specifications and any logo artwork files. Once your design is completed, it is sent via email for review to you, the customer. At this time the customer can make any changes they would like and Gorilla Jerseys will resubmit the design for approval to the customer. Once the design in approved by the customer the design is ready to begin production.

Down Payment

The final step to turning your jersey design into a real product is submitting your down payment of 50% on your order. This will be handled by the sales representative assigned to your order. Gorilla Jerseys accepts all major credit cards, PayPal and checks. Once your down payment is processed, we will begin production on your order. Our turn around time for custom jersey orders is generally 15-25 business days.


Sublimation Process

Gorilla Jerseys uses dye-sublimation to bring our custom designs to life. The sublimation process begins with the design process described above and allows for the freedom to create any design desired by our customers. This process is especially helpful with intricate jersey designs and the incorporation of logos, patches and team sponsor logos. Remember, it is always one design and one price with Gorilla Jerseys.

Transfer Print

The first step in the sublimation process after your design is approved is to print your order on to high quality transfer paper. We use state of the art printers and high quality ink to make sure your jersey is the best quality possible. Once the jerseys are printed, each jersey print is matched with the preferred jersey material to begin the heat application transfer.

Transfer Application

The transfer of the ink from the paper to the jersey material is performed with the assistance of heat. The heat press activates the ink on the transfer paper turning the ink into a gas and pressing it in to the jersey material. As soon as the heat is removed, the ink become a solid again and bonds with the jersey material creating a crisp dye on the jersey material. At this point, the jerseys are ready to be sewn together.

Cut & Sew

Now that the jerseys are printed and transferred, the excess material is cut away and each piece of the jersey is cut into individual pieces (front, back, sleeves, neck piece, etc.). These pieces are then sewn together to form the finished jerseys. The final touches are applied to each jersey that may include buttons, zippers, and tags.


Quality Control

After the jerseys have finished the manufacturing process, they are checked to make sure each and every jersey in the order is made to the customer specifications and to our quality standards. A final step to make sure each jersey matches the order in terms of sizes, numbers and nameplates were all done correctly for the custom order.

Final Payment

Once the jerseys have passed our quality control standards they are ready to ship. Prior to shipping, your sales representative will be in touch to finalize the remaining 50% payment and the shipping cost associated with the order. Gorilla Jerseys accepts all major credit cards, PayPal and checks. Once the final payment is received, your order will ship.


We provide a few different shipping choices for our customers depending on the needed delivery date. Your sales representative will be able to detail the shipping time and costs associated with your custom order at the time of purchase. If you have a preferred shipping courier please let us know at the time of your order.

Customer Feedback

Gorilla Jerseys always welcomes customer feedback of any kind. We strive to constantly provide the best custom jerseys in the business and this can only be done with help from our customers. We need to know how you enjoyed working with us and what your thoughts were about our product. Click here to let us know.




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